Green fuel, that wins the future

Do you know why natural gas has earned the title of “green fuel” in the world of natural resources? Because gas is truly the most environmentally friendly among all the fossil fuels.

Natural gas, which is extracted from the ground, is environmentally cleaner than any other natural hydrocarbons. For example, comparing to coal, burning natural gas emits only 1/2 the volume of CO2 dioxide and only 1/10 of other substances that have a negative impact on the environment.

Its huge deposits, combustion properties and environmental friendliness place natural gas on a same line with alternative renewable energy sources (such as wind power, river rapids or solar power). But in contrast to these alternatives, natural gas can be delivered to any part of the planet. For many years now, gas has been used to fuel ships and urban transport in order to stabilise the polluting emissions of megacities.

The world’s deposits of natural gas are vast. It is hundreds of times larger than oil and coal reserves. Exploration for natural gas is therefore an effective and promising field. Researchers predict that if industrial consumption of natural gas continues at this level, its reserves will last another 230 years or so.

For over 55 years, BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY JSC has been contributing to the development of gas consumption in the former Soviet Union, which can be classified as a strategic task on a global scale. The widespread transition to natural gas and the development of new areas of its use is a priority for the global community of environmentalists and activists.

Our involvement started back in 1967 with participation in the construction of the Druzhba main gas pipeline on a section that ran through Belarus. The first large-scale post-war project – construction of the Torzhok-Minsk-Ivatsevichi gas pipeline – was completed and put into operation in 1974. It was thanks to the work of our colleagues and this gas pipeline that eco-friendly, high-quality fuel from the fields of Western Siberia became available to consumers from Belarus in the 1970s.

Many years later, BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY’s qualified employees are already servicing and repairing this gas pipeline as part of the Torzhok-Minsk-Ivatsevichi Main Gas Pipeline Reconstruction Project, keeping the best traditions of caring for the consumers and the region’s ecology.

But it is not just gas transport projects we are proud of. The contributions of our colleagues in the construction of gas industry infrastructure, gas storage facilities, gas pipeline crossings and gas distribution stations cannot be overstated.


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