Non-Destructive Testing Laboratory

The key advantage of Beltruboprovodstroy at the market of main pipelines construction is a specially organized department for quality control of welding and insulation works – its own Non-destructive testing Laboratory.

Detailed information about the creation, goals, tasks and equipment of the Non-Destructive Testing Laboratory of Beltruboprovodstroy JSC are placed on a special page of our website at the link:

Non-Destructive Testing Laboratory of BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY JSC was founded under the name of the Quality control Section of the Trust “Beltruboprovodstroy” on September 7, 1983 by the order of the Ministry of Oil and Gas of the USSR

Since 1 January 2003 it was renamed as the Quality Control Service, and on November 26, 2018, was renamed as the Non-Destructive Testing Laboratory (NDTL).

Over the years of its operation, the NDTL of Beltruboprovodstroy JSC has significant experience in non-destructive testing of main pipelines, technical equipment and technical pipelines, steam and hot water pipelines, heat networks, gas distribution system facilities and gas consumption.

In its activities, the LNC uses such methods of non-destructive testing:

  • Radiographic
  • Ultrasonic
  •  Visual
  • Magnetic
  • Eddy Current
  • Penetrating substances
  • Insulation monitoring
  • Tests to determine physical properties

Our laboratory employees work their best in various regions of Belarus, the Russian Federation, as well as at our European facilities.

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