Our company is starting a new large-scale project using Direct Pipe!


BELTRUBOPROVODSTORY is starting a new large-scale project!

BELTRUBOPROVODSTORY JSC was entrusted to carry out construction work at a facility of federal importance in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District (Russian Federation) – “Reconstruction of the closed crossing of the main gas pipeline across the Tab-Yakha River using the Direct Pipe technology”. The customer of the project is GAZPROM PJSC. By plan the project will be lasting since August to December 2021. During the reconstruction of the gas pipeline, a pipe with a diameter of 1420 mm will be used. The length of the reconstructed section is 1340 m. The length of the crossing line is about 860 m.

At the moment, our workers have already dismantled the old pipe. Now all the efforts of our building teams are focused on the welding and installation works for the preparation of the new pipe and the preparation of the installation pit for the Direct Pipe equipment. In the nearest future we are going to get news and photos about the process of installation of Direct Pipe mechanism.

Remind you, that Direct Pipe is a unique technology from German manufacturer Herrencnecht, that makes possible to perform closed crossing under almost any ground conditions in one step: a previously prepared and welded pipeline can be laid at the same time as the well’s drilling. Thanks to using this technology construction of pipeline crossing may be performed both with time and costs economy.

We wish the BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY team no to slow down the speed they have got and with great interest follow the progress of work at the facility of the Tab-Yakha River!

*the photos are for illustrative purposes only

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