Auger drilling


In the last decade in Europe the method of horizontal directional (auger) drilling, or as it is also called – bursting, in pipeline construction becomes wide-spread. One of the reasons for its popularity growth is economy and environmental sustainability in comparison with others methods of the pipe crossing construction. Cost savings are achieved through minimal interference in the ground surface.

Auger drilling is a trenchless, high-precision method of laying main oil and gas pipelines using auger-type of equipment.

BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY JSC has equipment for auger drilling, that allows making crossings through natural and artificial obstacles with a diameter of 600-1,700 mm.

Our company has a successful experience in the construction of main pipeline crossings using the auger drilling method (HDD), confirmed by work on a landmark project in Europe. BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY JSC within the project “Expansion of the gas transportation infrastructure of Bulgartransgaz company running parallel to the northern main pipeline to the Bulgarian-Serbian border, stage: “Linear part ” number 180-100″, in the period from July to September 2020 successfully completed 20 crossings over roads and railways with a case 1420×19,05 in a total length of 1,034 m. The crossings were implemented by using horizontal direct drilling (HDD).

In early 2021 BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY JSC also gained a project with implementing horizontal-direction drilling technology – the construction of crossings at the Gomel-Gorki oil pipeline system in Belarus. The new line of the oil pipeline will connect the southern and northern branches of the Belarusian oil transportation system. It will become a connector between two main pipelines: Unecha – Polotsk and Unecha – Mozyr – Adamovo and will allow transportation of the raw materials from Belarusian refineries to the facilities of alternative directions.

Auger drilling (horizontal directional drilling) has a number of advantages over traditional technologies of laying main pipelines. So this method is recommended to use in cases when its impossible to use the direct drilling or common communications laying technology. For example, gas and oil pipelines laying under:

  • busy highways
  • railways,
  • woods, parks
  • water obstacles
  • functioning buildings
  • areas,  where there are operating communications located or vibration works are forbidden.

In these and other cases when the surface should not be destroyed, the best solution is to use powerful drilling rigs of high accuracy and efficiency for construction works.


Despite the fact that auger drilling (horizontal directional drilling) usually is required in a limited space, depending on the type of soil the modern drilling equipment allows to lay communications:

- with a pipe diameter  up to 1700 mm,

- at a depth level of pipe laying up to 100 m,

- with a track length up to 100 m.


The Auger Drilling with modern drilling rigs is characterized by a low tolerance from the project trajectory. Moreover the using of the high-tech navigation systems allow finding the obstacles in the soil in time, to avoid negative affect in the quality of drilling operations.


The advantage of auger drilling (HDD) is not only its accuracy, but also the opportunity to use an auger drilling rig from both round and rectangular shafts, as well as wells and collectors.


The implementation of pipeline crossings by the auger drilling (horizontal direct drilling, HDD) involves work in several stages:

  • At the first stage, there are works in the preparation (digging) of the starting foundation ditch of a required size. Later in the ditch all the necessary equipment will be placed. At the same time the preparation works for the receiving ditch have to be carried out, if another method of auger acceptance is not provided by the project. The next step is pilot horizontal drilling of the well.
  • During the second stage of auger drilling, the workers expand the pilot wells to the required size, push the pipe and remove the excess of soil using transport augers;
  • During the third stage of horizontal directional drilling the main pipe is output to the receiving ditch by the augers moving in the reverse order. Deconstruction of installations.
Drilling should be carried out by professionals, in accordance with modern norms and rules in this area. After all, the durability and safety of facilities under construction depend on the quality of work. Our company carries out work on trenchless laying of communications at a high level, using reliable equipment and modern technology.

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