Auger drilling

Trenchless drilling is performed to lay underground utilities,

gas and oil pipelines using auger-type drilling machines. Within the framework of the project “Expansion of Gas Transmission Infrastructure of Bulgartransgaz Company, running parallel to the Northern Main Pipeline to the Bulgarian-Serbian Border, Phase: Linear Part Number 180-100”, within the period from July to September 2020, under the Contractor Agreement, the Company has successfully completed 20 crossings through roads and railroads with the total length of 1420×19.05 with the total length of 817 meters.

Auger drilling is used to bore through the soil or rock soil with the help of the tool bit and the screw. Most screw machines are used for laying casing pipes under:

  • railways,
  • freeways,
  • runways,
  • small rivers,

and in other cases where the surface of the earth should not be destroyed.Before starting drilling operations, specialists carefully study the pre-prepared site: the properties of the soil, the structure of the soil, the presence of fossils. Then they prepare and check the equipment.

Drilling should be carried out by professionals, according to modern norms and rules in this area. After all, the durability and safety of objects under construction depends on the quality of work. Our company carries out work on trenchless laying of communications at a high level, using reliable equipment and equipment "Herrenknecht", "Komatsu", "Liebherr" welding equipment of the company "Lincoln", compressors "Atlas Copco" and equipment of other brands.

Auger drilling - photo gallery

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