Beltruboprovodstroy takes on the next historical project

Beltruboprovodstroy has started construction of a new facility.

This time the construction will be hold on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and will concern an industrial facility of republican significance – the Gomel-Gorki oil pipeline. The new line of the oil pipeline will connect the southern and northern branches of the Belarusian oil transportation system. It will become a connector between two main pipelines: Unecha – Polotsk and Unecha – Mozyr – Adamovo and will allow transportation of the raw materials from Belarusian refineries to the facilities of alternative directions. The total length of the Gomel – Gorki main pipeline will be 207 km.


The customer of the construction works is our wellknown partner Gomeltransneft Druzhba. Beltruboprovodstroy is responsible for the construction of the main pipeline and crossings at two project stages: the 5th and the 6th ones.

Withing the 5th stage, Beltruboprovodstroy will be working in the Mogilev region. Here our team will build several closed crossings: across 6 highways and across the Dobrich River. All crossings of the 5th stage will be implemented by using directional drilling.

The construction works in the 6th stage will take place in the Gomel region. Here, the Beltruboprovodstroy engineering team will construct 12 km of the oil pipelines with a pipe diameter of 500 mm. Also according to the 6th stage documentation we will implement the pipeline crossings: 1 closed crossing over the Kosolyanka River by using directional drilling, and 3 crossings over highways by auger-drilling.

Beltruboprovodstroy has already started relocation of the construction equipment. The other some days all the necessary preparatory construction works are being hold at the sites.

Beltruboprovodstroy takes on the next historical project

Taking into account the accumulated experience of the Beltruboprovodstroy engineering staff, we are confident that we will complete the construction at the Gomel-Gorki facility in the shortest time.

Follow up our progress in construction at the Gomel-Gorki pipeline stages from the news on our website and social media.

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