The legendary person Stepan Khodar retires after 51 years in the team!

Chief Dispatcher Stepan Khodar celebrates his last working day before his retirement! 51 years and 15 days – that’s general Khodar’s labour history and all that years he has worked in “BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY”.

Stepan Stepanovich is a legend of “BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY”, a person who stood at the origin not only of the company, but also of the Soviet pipeline construction industry.

He stood behind all historical projects of Trust No. 2 All-Union Association “Soyuzgazpromstroy” of the Ministry of Gas Industry USSR, which later had been renamed as “BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY”.

Stepan Stepanovich came to the company in 1970 after graduation from Mogilev Mechanical engineering institute. He began his career as a simple mechanic and already in 1980 had been appointed as Chief Mechanic, who he was staying almost 35 next years.

Stepan Stepanovich Khodar is well-known among the colleagues and customers since such significant all-union projects as construction of Druzhba oil pipeline, gasification of Polessye and of Chernobyl affected areas, construction of the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline, the Volgograd-Tikhoretsk oil pipeline and many others.

His unshakable authority is recognized throughout Gazprom and other industry giants cabinets, design institutes and even in the offices of supervisory organisations.

Stepan Khodar says: “All my life I have remained faithful to my profession and to “BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY”. And I have no regrets about my fate. We worked all over the Union – we built in Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Russia. We stood at the forefront, our work was respected by our colleagues from abroad. Among of 82 trusts that were organized during the Soviet Union period. Just less of them survived. Thanks to our attitude to work, the professionalism of our staff and high discipline, we have survived and developed. And I’m sure we will continue to develop. My successful working career would not have been possible without the support of my Headers: the founders, general directors with whom I have worked, and, of course, the team who surrounded me. I am grateful to all of them, and I wish them bright days on your professional journey.”

The “BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY” team all over the branches would like to thank Stepan Stepanovich Khodar for his contribution to the development of the organisation, his professional approach to tasks, his initiative, knowledge and experience, he generously shared with young people, decency and an active attitude to life, which has become an example for many of us. We wish him good health for many years to come, and an undying interest in our common cause!


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