Our company is an industry pioneer

History of BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY JSC has started since December of 1965 with construction of Druzhba oil pipeline and development of Belarusian oil fields.

For more than half a century history the company has become a leader in the industry and specializes in construction of oil and gas pipelines and engineering infrastructure. Today the company’s core activities include:

  • construction of main pipelines
  • construction of distribution pipelines
  • construction of gas distribution stations
  • construction of underground gas and oil product storage facilities
  • construction of enclosed crossings through artificial and natural obstacles:
  1. by directional drilling technology
  2. by horizontal directional drilling technology (augers)
  3. by the Herrenknecht Direct Pipe technology
  4. by microtunnelling technology

In many ways, BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY was the first!

BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY was the first company in Belarus that used automatic welding system while the Yamal – Europe gas pipeline construction, the first Belarussian construction company to use directional drilling method for laying of main pipelines and utility, the first company to Direct Pipe trenchless technology, and the first company in Europe to achieve a record of 1402 metres during the construction of closed crossing under the Danube River by using the Direct Pipe technology.

The experience gained by our company enables us to implement of the most complex construction projects and the introduction of new technologies. BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY possesses drilling complexes with the pulling force up to 500 tons, performing trenchless laying of pipelines with diameter up to 1400 mm and length up to 2500 m.

Technical equipment, qualified and experienced staff makes BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY the leader in its sphere not only in Belarus, but also in Europe.

The company has built more than 4 500 kilometres of pipelines, more than 300 distribution pipelines, more than 100 pipeline crossings through artificial and natural obstacles, 27 compressor stations with total capacity of 1100 MW, 4 underground gas storages with total volume of 1.5 billion m3, 60 gas distribution stations, 28 oil pumping stations, 5 plants of gas equipment and appliances.

The company is active in the construction markets of Belarus, the Russian Federation and Europe.

BELTPRUBOPROVODSTROY workers have been accredited by the largest energy companies Gazprom, Transneft, Rosneft, and carried out a number of important projects for them.

For more than 56 years, BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY JSC has been building everything that stores, produces and transports oil and gas.

Most of our customers consider BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY as a reliable partner.  

You can read customer feedback on projects that have already been completed in a special section of our website:

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