Starting new reconstruction project

BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY JSC starts construction work on a new project of Gazprom Transgaz Belarus JSC, “Reconstruction of the Torzhok-Minsk-Ivatsevichi Main gaspipeline with replacement of pipes. 1st stage, 2nd launching complex”.

For more than 3 years, BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY JSC remains the general contractor for work on that main gas pipeline that supplies gas to our country.

In December 2021, replacement of pipes and transport infrastructure near city Orsha within the 1st stage of construction of the 1st launching complex was finished. From March 2022 to February 2023 there the pipeline reconstruction will affect the section to the south of the city Orsha.

The project will replace the main gas pipeline in a 12,600m section, with a pipe diameter of 1,200mm. Besides the linear part, the teams of BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY JSC will complete installation of the gas pipeline underground crossing over 6 automobile roads by the push-pull method and 1 through the Orshitsa River. The total length of closed pipeline crossings according to the project will include more than 450 metres.


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