Technical Equipment of our company

Having strong traditions of management and quality control throughout the history of its development BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY has been building up its technical and technological base of service production.

Nowadays, BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY is technically equipped with more than 320 units of specialized construction machinery from leading world manufacturers. Machines and mechanisms “Komatsu” (Japan), “Caterpillar” (USA), “Liebherr” (Germany), “Atlas Copco” (Sweden), “Shantui” (China), “Herrenknecht” (Germany), “Prime Drilling” (Germany), “Vietz Arcotrac” (Germany), “Bipromasz” (Poland) stand for quality and speed in implementation of our projects.

Technical equipment of our company

Among them are pipelayers with high load capacity up to 90 tons, excavators with bucket capacity up to 1.8 cubic meters, bulldozers up to 50 tons, truck cranes, drilling complexes and installations, tunnel boring complexes, hydraulic drilling rigs and rimmers, welding tractors, pipe trucks and other mechanisms.

Some of the mechanisms are there in the table:

Name Specifications Amount
Excavators Bucket capacity from 0.25 to 1.8 m3 43
Bulldozers Power from 60 to 306 kW 18
Pipe-layers Carrying capacity from 12 to 90 tons 62
Direct drilling complexes Tractive force from 36 to 500 tons 6
Welding tractor Welding type SST and INNERSHILD 12
Trucks for pipes lifting capacity 20 tones 14
Truck cranes Carrying capacity from 16 to 80 tones 22
Vehicles of semi-trailers Carrying capacity from 20 to 60 tones 10
Trucks Carrying capacity from 5 to 20 tones 40
Excavator-based vibratory pile driver Diameter up to 630 mm 6
Pipe bending machine Diameter from 159 to 1020 mm 4
Diesel power plants Power from 80 to 500 kW 16
Compressors for pneumatic tests Productivity up to 25 m3 8
Equipment for the Dynamic Driving of pipe case Diameter from 10 to 1000 mm 4
Drilling machine Diameter from 100 to 350 mm 4
Equipment for hydraulic tests Productivity from 200 to 500 per minute 4
Pipe trimming machines Diameter from 100 to 1420 mm 10
Tunnel-forming complexes Herrenknecht AVN Pipe diameter 1000 to 2000 mm 4
Complex for trenchless laying of pipelines Pipe diameter 1000-1400 mm 2
Pipe pusher Herrenknecht HK 750 PT Pipe diameter up to 1400 mm 1
Hydraulic horizontal drilling equipment Bipro- masz HWP-200 Pushing force up to 400 tones, pipe diameter up to 1400 mm 2

Such a fleet of specialised machines allows our customers not to worry about finding additional machinery when they turn to us. BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY, possessing all the necessary equipment and highly qualified staff, carries out works on construction of pipelines and closed crossings on a turnkey basis. This helps to avoid possible questions about the allocation of responsibility and be confident in the success of the implementing of the tasks even most complex: construction of the oil and gas pipelines, closed crossings using Direct Pipe, Directional Drilling or Microtunnelling technologies etc.

Technical equipment of our company

Technical equipment of our company

Technical equipment of our company


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