At "Torzhok - Minsk - Ivatsevichi" welding works have been started

Our engineering team continues working at the facility of Gazprom Transgaz Belarus JSC. While the dismantling of the exiting gas pipeline at the facility “Reconstruction of the Torzhok-Minsk-Ivatsevichi gas pipeline” our workers are ready to start the pipe welding.

According to the pre-welding procedure welding team of BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY should perform the admission joint to show its ability for successful fulfillment of that stage of works. This days in the presence of the Сustomer’s commission and the Chief Welding Engineer of BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY our welding team performed welding of the admission joint.

After all performing the seam has been tested by representatives of the Non-Destructive Control Laboratory using radiographic and mechanical methods successfully. That fact means that BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY is permitted to start welding works on the pipeline route!

There are some photos from the welding of the admission joint.

*the photos are for illustrative purposes only







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