Congratulations on the Builder’s Day!

Congratulations on the Builder's Day!


The Builders’ Day is a professional holiday celebrated in many former Soviet republics on the second Sunday in August. It was first celebrated in the Soviet Union on August 8, 1956.

BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY JSC keeps the good tradition of celebration of that holiday – so on the 8-th of August 2021 we celebrate the professional holiday of all developers, engineers and people involved in the construction process – the Builder’s Day!

Congratulate all of our veterans, collegues, partners, customers and representatives of the most peaceful profession in the world on the Builder’s Day!

Thank for your knowledges, skills and everyday passion that you give to all our great joint projects. All we can be proud of working in such important field, in construction.

Today sincerely wish you to be successful in your work, happy in your family and have more joyful events in your life! 


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